restrained eggstravaganza

photograph | ©2021 Luuk de Haan | printed on hahnemühle museum etching | unique

With the photographic series ‘restrained eggstravaganza’, I delve into the symbolism of the egg-shaped form, adding a touch of intrigue to the viewer’s experience while hopefully exploring deeper meanings through composition, lighting and my personal use of the camera.
As I am taken by the smooth, rounded contours of the egg-shaped forms and their captivating interplay with light, the symbolism of fertility and birth features rather prominently. These forms seem to communicate a sense of wonder about the wonders of existence and the mysteries of creation.
But beyond the initial impression, ‘restrained eggstravaganza’ ventures into themes of renewal and regeneration. Through use of light, shadow and chance, I try to touch on the cyclical nature of existence, inviting viewers to contemplate the ongoing cycle of life. Unfortunately not solving the mystery of ‘which came first, the chicken or the egg?’
Moreover, the spherical shape of the egg forms in serves as a nod to the inherent harmony of the universe, reminding us of the interconnectedness of all things.
In addition to their symbolic weight, the egg-shaped forms hint at the idea of protection and security. Nestled within their rounded confines, they offer a sense of sanctuary from the mess of the outside world.
Ultimately, ‘restrained eggstravaganza’ is an exploration of the symbolism of the egg-shaped form. Through the lens of photography, I invite viewers to join me in a contemplative journey, where profound themes of birth, renewal, and protection are illuminated through the captivating beauty of light and form.

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