wabi sabi

photograph | ©2022 Luuk de Haan | paper size 41,1 x 51,1 cm, print size 30 x 40 cm
printed on hahnemühle paper | unique

The concept of the same name ‘wabi-sabi’ (侘寂) forms the basis of this series. Some notable features of this Japanese aesthetic are: asymmetry, simplicity and intimacy. But ‘wabi-wabi’ is also a way of life in which – among other things – valuing the basics and accepting imperfection are central. For this series I mainly focus on these two elements, basal and imperfection.

Four continuously changing color circles are photographed one at a time in a time span of approximately 1.5 seconds, a duration that allows for a quiet smooth movement with the camera. This method transforms the perfect circles into imperfect shapes and uncontrollable compositions.